Heather lives and works in the Bay Area. She received her BFA and  MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute .  She has exhibited widely, including the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, The DiRosa Center for Contemporary Art,  The Boulder Museum of Contemporary of Art,  The American University Museum, in Washington DC., The Triton Museum and The Fresno Art Museum.

Her work is in several permanent collections  including The Fine Arts Museum, Auchenbach Foundation of Graphic Arts in San Francisco, the De Saisset Museum, The Fresno Art Museum, and The Triton Museum.

She has received several fellowship awards. Two from the Pollock/ Krasner Foundation in New York. Three painting grants from the Buck Foundation in Marin County.  A residency fellowship from the Djerassi Artist Residency Program. A grant from the Tree of Life Foundation in North Carolina and The Distinguished Women in the Arts Award from the Fresno Art Museum.




Raw emotion is truth, which is what I put into my paintings. If something upsets me, I paint about it. I have to feel deeply about something in order for it to matter to me. Whether it’s political, social, environmental or personal. Without these feelings, I have nothing to say. 

My practice has changed over the years. Early on I would collage drawings and incorporate quirky, dark cartoonish imagery into my paintings. But as I matured, I let that process go and just use paint and paint alone. I work in series now. Sometimes lasting several years. My paintings are juicy and rich.  I layer and layer and paint over older works.  I am always discovering new ways of applying the paint. I have often  thought that I am a versatile painter because I have moved around in  both  styles and content. However that has never bothered me because I have  felt that it is  important  to keep challenging myself in my work.