Raw emotion is truth to me and that is what goes into my paintings. If something upsets me,  I paint about it. I have to feel something to grab onto that I care about. It can be political, social, environmental  or a personal experience. But it has to matter or I have nothing to say.  I have taken long brakes from painting to clear my head. I simply wait  and pursue other forms of art making like  clay, assemblage, printing, drawing or just do nothing at all.   But in the end I always return to painting. I realize that it has taught me patience. Waiting is part of my process. 

Currently, I am working on a series of small paintings. They are portraits of people wearing masks with no eyes. All the faces are covered. Completely protected or hiding from the truth. These are uncomfortable and dark times. From the social injustice towards people of color, to this horrific pandemic that has killed thousands if not millions around the world. 


.   Girl, oil on wood panel, 16×16