I don”t follow trends or have any kind of a formula. Because I can. I would get bored fast if I repeated myself too much. Raw emotion is truth to me and that is what goes into my paintings. If something pisses me off, I paint about it. Lots of RED….Anger is a great tool in image making.

I use different forms. sometimes abstract, sometimes narrative ( Boat Series)  Which dealt with  depression, illness, loss, and anger.

My earlier works were more cartoon and quirky. As in my animated film, Little, Mean and Nasty, made in 2010.  Now the quirk is gone and there is a more serious tone.

I meditate everyday and hike in nature by the beach. That has calmed my rage down. As a result my works have become softer and more contemplative. 

This is what excites me about painting. It keeps changing. I have failed many times and have been relentless in my battles with the paint. I have have been extremely grateful for those gifts that just  happen when everything falls into place.

I have taken long brakes from painting to clear my head. I simply wait  and pursue other forms of art making like  clay, assemblage, printing, drawing or just do nothing at all.   But in the end I always return to painting. I realize that it has taught me patience, besides  being my teacher and my best friend.