2014    Kenneth Baker , SF Chronicle

“Marin painter Heather Wilcoxon’s work seems to burst like sparks straight from her nervous system, diverted only by coils of zany fantasy or outraged social consciousness.”

 2014     David review

 2014    Interview video … In The Make..

 2014    Kriston Capps, Washington Post

 2014   Jack Archer, Curatemag.mag, Washington DC 

 “Heather Wilcoxon is one of those unique artists that manage to provide you with a look at the sunny and bright side of their point of view while coercing you to take a deeper, sometimes gloomier, look at the same piece.”

 2011   Medusas McKenzie, The Santa Clara Weekly

“Viewing Quality Art Doesn’t have to Breack the Bank “

2010   Barbara MorrisArt LTD,

2009   Michael Gladlin,

 “At the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, To first view Heather Wilcoxon’s work you peer into Art History. Her paintings are rich in color and very much take on an abstract expressionist quality.”  

2007   Christine Brenneman, Artweek

 “Looking at all the works, it was hard to decipher precisely what Wilcoxon’s images might mean, but that is part of the fun. She hovered successfully between figurative content and obfuscation, yet always managed to evoke a feeling, thereby making specific meaning irrelevant.”

2003,   SFgate

 “Heather Wilcoxon is one of those people with a grotesque sense of humor and sharp wit, just the type of artist we love.”

 2001    Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle