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Miami Project, December 2-7, 2014, Jack Fischer Gallery Booth 813


Review by Kenneth Baker , SF Chronicle/ sfgate.com

"Marin painter Heather Wilcoxon's work seems to burst like sparks straight from her nervous system, diverted only by coils of zany fantasy or outraged social consciousness."

"On the Run" (2013) represents the challenges Wilcoxon poses to interpretation. Manifestly a product of collage and mixed media, it has a sort of potato head, which might also be a vehicle, at its center. The X on this form can read as cartoon symbolism for a dead eye - comics art and graffiti plainly nourish Wilcoxon's art.

But nothing here has scale, not even the hairy foot intruding from the left. The lines curling from its toes might be hideously overgrown nails or, no less hideous, bamboo slivers inserted by a torturer.

We wisely distrust the mythology of art as direct discharge of pain or anger, but Wilcoxon may come as close as anyone to rehabilitating it. We might find scrutiny of her work unbearable, did it not contain granules of humor that she must enjoy as much as anyone.


Winter Works, Heather Wilcoxon and Tony Fitzpatrick, Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco

www.squarecylinder.com review by David Roth



Miami Project, December 2-7, Jack Fischer Gallery, Booth 813



 Heather Wilcoxon lives and works in the Bay Area . She received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1988. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her work is in several permanent collections including The American University Museum, Washington DC, The Fine Arts Museum, Auchenbach Foundation of Graphic Arts in San Francisco, the De Saisset Museum and Triton Museum in Santa Clara and the Di Rosa Preserve in Napa, California. She has received several fellowship awards. Two from the Pollock/ Krasner Foundation,New York. Three painting grants from the Buck Foundation in Marin County and two residency fellowships from the Djerassi Artist Residency Program and The Stonehouse Artist Program in California.She is also been nominated 3 times for a SECA awards from SFMOMA. Most recently been nominated for a Eureka Fellowship.

She has taught painting and monoprinting at UC Berkeley Extension, San Francisco Art Institute, Kala Institute, Berkeley, and  presently at College of Marin.

Her work can been seen at Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco .Other galleries are listed on the contact page.




Film www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXwjiVmAsY     Little Mean and Nasty .... animated film    

Animated short 9 minute film .....Produced by Peter Strietmann, Music and Sound by Johnathan Bepler

Artwork and story by Heather Wilcoxon.  2010